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Pepmind sensory-developement-program

Pepmind’s Sensory Development Program

People usually only use the left brain which is known as language brain and rarely use the right brain which is known as image brain. However, geniuses use both the right and left brain in a balanced manner.PepMind’s Sensory Development Program is based on Dr. Makoto Shichida’s theory of right brain education.

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PEP MIND’S Personality Development

    Each student is personally helped to :
  • develop interest and attentiveness towards his studies.
  • deal with issues such as fear, phobia, confusion, past painful memories, stress, anxiety and depression out of their unconscious mind.
  • enhance confidence and program mind for exams, interviews and public speaking.

PEP MIND’s Holistic Wellness

It includes unconscious learning to handle study stress, new positive behavior and boosting immunity for better physical and mental health.

PEP MIND’s MindMapping for 100% Retention

The program helps students to utilize their mind power to learn and retain difficult concepts like formulae, G.K. tables, history dates, chemistry, biology, laws and diagrams in easy way.

nlp training - Pepmind


It refers to enhancing the logical and reasoning ability of the child and includes Vedic-math, SRT (Situation Reaction Test), puzzles, various cubes and many other such mind games.


The Program helps a child in :
  • Left and right brain balancing.
  • Exercising the sub-conscious mind.
  • Enhancing and strengthening concentration.
  • Improving memory power.
  • Improving creativity and imaginations.
  • Enhancing absorption capabilities.
  • Higher self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Emotional stability.
  • Stress management.
  • Developing personality.
  • Sharpening intuitions.
  • Mastering his senses.